A sale of one of the world's leading collections of Plaques & Jetons


Please read all the notes below carefully.  The link to the index for the sale is at the top of this page.
Items that have been sold/reserved are now highlighted in pink.  If you ordered something and it does not get highlighted, that means there was a duplicate available.

A 'self contained' copy of this collection is available on CD, for a cost of $5 shipped, and that disk also contains a printable complete listing of lots in both Excel and PDF format.  You can contact me for the CD or for any other questions relating to this sale by emailing  This CD will run with no software required other than a browser (NO internet connection required), although you will have to view this website for updates on sold items etc.

The collection contains some 5,300 gaming pieces, including the Curzon House and Crockfords 'sets' and some minimal duplication elsewhere.  There are 1,905 different items, and for the purposes of this sale, they are offered in 1,161 different lots.  Where appropriate, 'sets' of items have been combined for sales as single 'lots'.  The majority of items are plaques and jetons.  There are a few chips as well.  The high resolution pictures should be sufficient to highlight any damage, or cancellation, but overall the condition of almost everything is as good as you expect to find, with no noticeable marks at all, and only a couple of items in the entire collection (which are annotated) are damaged to the extent that their value is affected.

The colors in the scans are as true as I could get them in most cases.  There are some (particularly bevel edged jetons) where there is light reflection round the edges etc. that makes them look damaged in the scan.  This is not the case.  Unless annotated, edges are perfect or near perfect.  Some colors also reflect light more than others (and appear to contain fluorescent inks) which may appear strange in the scans.  If you are in doubt over any item, just ask.  All images are provided as thumbnails beneath the relevant listings, and every thumbnail can be clicked to open the full size image.  Fronts and backs are shown only where they are different.

The left hand column in each listing is the lot number, by which the sale will be held.  The second column is the item number, and this matches the pictures provided beneath each group.  Colored separations within the listings are merely to separate casinos, or issues, and make it easier to read.  Note therefore, that if an item does not have its own lot number (or price), that means it is only available as part of a set.  In some cases, there is a price for a set, and also individual prices and lot numbers for some (but not necessarily all) of the items within the set.  This indicates that in addition to the set offered, there are extra singles of one or more of the items available.  Some series (particularly South America) may appear to be listed twice.  This is because they are with and without serial numbers.

The descriptions given may not be complete or perfect, they are designed purely to differentiate adequately between different issues.  Sizes of all plaques and jetons are provided.  Other annotations are only used where necessary to differentiate.  The term 'clipped' has been used in some listings to indicate that the shape of the plaque is with 'cut corners'.  'Clipped' does not refer to cancellation.  In fact only a handful of pieces in the entire collection are cancelled in any way, and these are evident from the scans.

The sale will initially be conducted as a direct sale based on these catalog listings.  As time progresses, certain unsold items may be removed, at my discretion, from this catalog, and offered on ebay, or CC&GTCC club auctions, or by other mediums.

All items are available to be shipped immediately.

Quoted prices - the prices shown INCLUDE shipping (and insurance if deemed appropriate) on all items.

Payments will be accepted by paypal ($USD, GBP, EURO), checks or money orders ($USD, GBP), credit cards (any card via electronic invoice, or visa/mc only through my terminal) and I can accommodate bank transfer payments if required.  There will be no fees for any type of payment except those which your bank may levy for making international card payments.  I am happy to discuss any 'staged payments' etc. you may wish to arrange on larger purchases.

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